We Finally Return to our Western Montana Lodge

After a LONG and partially unplanned time away from our Western Montana Lodge, we finally return. One thing learned - there really is "No Place Like Home" (more on that in a later blog).

Returning just in time for Christmas, we quickly grouped our forces as we prepared for our first group of the winter season. Twelve hardy cross-country skiers braved the long miles (17 - 18) from their cars to the lodge to reach us. It took the group which skied the entire route nearly 8 hours to reach us, but their persistance paid off. And, as if in an effort to reward their extra-ordinary effort, the sunset turned the sky brilliant shades of red, orange and pink - just before they dropped down into the final canyon on the final leg of their journey.

A fun group, we enjoyed a lot of laughter and good natured ribbing as this group of 12 (mostly) strangers quickly became good friends.

As if the effort coming in wasn't enough of a challenge, the weather added its 'two cents worth'. With night temperatures dropping into the double negative digits and day time temperatures only reaching the low teens, most of the cabins were 'cool' at best. However, the wood stoves came to the rescue and life once again took on a warmer glow.

The overall conclusion: after 4 days and 3 nights of fun, food, laughter, and cold, fresh air, our guests were not only happy they came but talking of their 2nd annual New Year's Eve trip to Elk Lake Resort. For a 'test-drive' we were thrilled at our guests' final perspective and look forward to hosting three or four such weekends per winter in the months and years to come. This truly proved Elk Lake Resort isn't only for the adventurous summer guest but also holds a special allure to the hardy winter visitor.

Lady of the Lake

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