Life's a Winter Wonderland at Our Western Montana Lodge

Have you ever wondered why snow always puts us in mind of a winter wonderland? I got to pondering this 'deep' question the other day as snow turned my world into a real life fairy landscape. I decided:

It all begins with the millions of snow flakes drifting, floating, or blowing and changing the face of the mud and grass into a soft blanket of white. This always reminds me of us those little domed glass trivets which I played with as a kid.

Once the snow has stopped and the sky begins to clear, the next phases of 'wonderland' appear. The newly flocked trees remind me of Christmas, but not even the most professionally prepared imitation can compete with the real thing. The perfectly flocked forest quickly gives way to an even more beautiful melding of green and white as the wind sweeps across the ridge tops, brushing darker streaks against the mingled green and white.

Next come the sun, peaking through the clouds and adding golden touches against a dark grey sky. Things are beginning to look magical. Next I notice my rail fence - the simple combination of wooden boards has been turned into a chocolate layer cake with thick layers of white frosting.

Then there are the aspen trees, now drooping with their swags of white. And, of course, I can't miss the sparkling diamonds which stud my front yard as the sun's rays streak across the snowy ground.

Winter wonderland? Yes, I think I am privy to one of the best, especially this time of year at Elk Lake Resort.

Lady of the Lake

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