There Really is 'No Place Like -OUR - Home' at our Western Montana Lodge

In my opinion, neither Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz" nor Karen Carpenter crooning about being "Home for the Holidays" felt any stronger than I did - that pull to be HOME. As the pull to return home after our extended time away grew stronger, I found myself pondering the question more and more. "What is it about a place which makes it home?"

Obviously, for most of us, family and friends are a major key to making someplace feel like home. And, yet, for me anyway, they obviously weren't the ONLY pull. After all, I was traveling with family and visiting friends. If that were the 'it', I'd feel like I was home, right?

Of course there's your bed, your familiar 'things', which make life comfortable. As a lodging establishment, we are accutely aware of how important the 'comfort' factor is to making our guests' visit a positive one. However, again, this wasn't the issue. After all, I was traveling in comfort - an RV to which I returned each night to all the comforts of home - most important of which was a good bed.

In the end I decided location played a MAJOR role in my desire to return home. Not that we didn't visit some beautiful country. Not that we weren't experiencing more 'friendly' climates than awaited us at our Western Montana Lodge. Not that we weren't enjoying the areas we were visiting. But, I decided (okay, I just reaffirmed what I already knew) Elk Lake Resort offers elements of 'home' which are unequalled anywhere else.

I found my soul longed for the peace. The quiet. The abscense of crowds. The sounds and sights of pure nature. The essense of Elk Lake - pure, unadulturated nature!

And, so, like Dorothy of old, I rejoice to have returned to my home - that one place on earth I enjoy with every pour of my being.

Lady of the Lake

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