Typing My Fingers to the Bone at Our Western Montana Lodge
Doesn't sound too fun? Actually it has been a real experience. I'm speaking of the hours and hours I've spent over the last couple of months revamping our website.

One of the benefits of owning a "Mom and Pop" establishment, is the opportunity to delve into a LARGE variety of different venues. We get to do it all - cooking, cleaning, maintenance repairs, bookkeeping, correspondence, customer contacts - and even web design. (Photo "Centennial Valley Winter" - courtesy of Mike Phillips)

Of course, we have a web page, which if you've visited our site before, you know is nicely done. However, Search Engine Optimization is changing the face of the web so rapidly, and so regularly, that what was good three years ago probably isn't up to date for today (or so 'they' say).

And so, with much fear and trembling (after all, I had to learn a whole NEW language - and the last time I tried that it was a dismal failure) I set forth on a new adventure. And, it has turned out to be very interesting, often fun, and a lot of work. But, I'm pleased with the results and looking forward to showing the 'final product' to the world. Maybe you'd like to see? Well, I'm expecting to have the page on the web within a week or so of this post. So, wait a couple of weeks then check us out at Elk Lake Resort Montana.

In other news, the snow hasn't come - at least not in the abundance we'd hoped. Not that there isn't good snow for playing, but it just isn't the piles and piles we enjoyed last year.

What we've lacked in snow we've made up for in cold! It has been bitterly cold at times (up to 40 below). Even our warm days have only been in the mid 20's (which is a blessing in that we haven't lost any of the snow which fell). However, with a light snow pack and low temperatures, Craig has been kept busy keeping our 'shower' cabin unthawed - with varying degrees of success.

But it has been beautiful! A couple of morning ago we woke to a low fog. As the sun rose, the fog quickly disapated, leaving behind a BEAUTIFUL sight. Frost coated aspens and willows, glittering snow, deep emerald evergreens, and tiny frost particles floating like glitter in the air. Wow! Some days the beauty of the pure nature outside my window takes my breath away. You really ought to come see it for yourself!

Lady of the Lake

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