Winter's Frigid Blast Visits our Western Montana Lodge

Just a few days ago we were languishing in a balmy 30 degrees (okay, balmy for the Montana mountains in the winter). Today we are shivering in the 30 belows! Yep, that's right - this morning we peeked out our window at the thermometer and -39.4 was the current reading.

With an expected high of 1 degree above, we don't expect to be spending too much time out-of-doors today. But, for all the cold, it is absolutely beautiful. The sun has created fields of diamonds outside my window. Ice crystals dance and shimmer in the air. The colors are so crisp and clear they look unreal.

However, when it turns this cold, the windows in our old lodge catch more of my interest. You've heard (and probably seen) frosted glass - glass which allows the light in, but keeps prying eyes from peering into private places. It doesn't seem to be in use as much anymore, but several years ago it was the latest rage for use in bathrooms.

Over the years, frosted glass manufacturors created a variety of designs - not just intended for privacy. In an effort to mimick the Creator's artistic abilities, they formed leaves and spirals and snowflakes. Although pretty, I've yet to find one man-made copy which compares with the beauty of the real thing.

Here in our lodge we have several old windows - those double hung wooden windows which don't keep out the heat or the cold. Of course, some industrious soul years ago (probably after spending a chilly winter) added the somewhat newer but still quite outdated double hung aluminum storm windows. The result - a little less hot and cold air and a lot more trapped water vapor.

This water vapor freezes to create the frosted window effect. And, things more interesting (and beautiful), the windows which receive directly sunlight for a portion of the day develop even more intricate ice patterns - alternately the sun melting and the cold freezing the trapped water vapor.

The Hand of the Artist is beautiful to behold - as the elements of nature combine to create beautiful window art, and even more beautiful views beyond the windows, here at Elk Lake Resort.

Stay warm!

Lady of the Lake

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