Wildlife Sightings Increase at our Western Montana Lodge

As the heat decreases and the people return to their 'normal' lives, the wildlife seems to breathe a collective sigh of releif - and return to the lower ground. With the summer heat, wildlife sightings (and particularly moose sightings in the valley) had dropped to an all time low. However, we are pleased to hear the moose have returned to the valley floor and are delighting guests who take the time - at the right time - to look for them.

In the last couple of weeks we've had several dozen moose sightings, numerous Bald Eagle and owl sightings (along with a large variety of other smaller birds), Sandhill Cranes seen regularly, and, of course, regular deer sightings and occasional elk seen. The most interesting wildlife encounter I've heard about, however, was between one guest and four fox.

While walking along the lake, enjoying the quiet and looking for 'treasure', one recent guest had the privilege of getting up-close-and-personal with four red fox. Apparently he first noticed them as they scrambled around on the hill behind him. When he turned to watch them, one - the largest it seemed - drove the other two from view. However, not 15 minutes later as he crouched beside the lake shore, four fox came down to the lake near his resting place. After taking time to get a drink, two fox came within a few feet of him - checked him out - then returned to the group. Amazingly enough, they didn't seem to concerned about him, although they appeared to be keeping a sharp lookout for the local dogs.

I even got in an early evening hike last night. I had the dogs along, which limited my wildlife contacts, but I still saw 1 doe, 2 Sandhill Cranes, and 3 ducks (which I could not identify). I also heard what I thought might be an Elk bugling. In fact, the wolf riders are saying the Elk have been bugling regularly for about 3 weeks now. Does this imply an early winter or at least a colder than normal fall? Only time will tell. However, around here - with more wildlife to observe and wonder at - I don't really mind having to wait and find out.

Lady of the Lake

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