Summer Crew Winds Up and Packs Up

The summer is winding to a close, and, although September is still before us (and still fairly busy), our summer help has headed home to prepare for school. After a busy summer, which included lots of work but a nice sprinkling of fun, our good-byes came hard. These girls had worked very hard, and without them the summer would have been a disaster. And, not only had they added support, they brought sunshine and laughter into every part of our day.

Joy, the 'blond' lived up to her hair color, but only on occassion. It didn't take her long to figure out when we were pulling her leg. In fact, I think in self-defense (although she denied it), she dyed her hair Strawberry Blond. I guess the red tint was to convince us (and herself) she really wasn't a blond - although I don't know why she felt the need.

However, she lived up to her name every moment of every day. She brought joy and laughter to our work. To watch her do a jig chanting 'more dishes, more dishes' when we brought her another armload brought a smile to our faces - even when we thought we were too tired to smile.

She turned out to be the BEST kitchen help. She willingly filled the role of chef's helper, waitress, dishwasher, or cook. She could switch from waiting tables to prepping dinner dishes to washing dirty dishes in the blink of an eye. And, when she spotted a job that needed doing - she jumped right in and went to work.

In fact, she got a bit too serious about her job. I think she thought we couldn't run the kitchen without her. Take the night (the one and only night) she got sick. We sent her to bed. She looked appalled! "I can't go to bed. There are dinners to be served." We assured her we could make it without her help. Whereupon she went to bed and beat herself up for not staying and helping out! "Relax, Joy!"

Our brunette, Shannon, has been the "Who Me?" child for as long as I've known her. However, this summer, she proved she's growing out of that stage. In fact, I only think she said, "Who, Me?" two or three times the whole summer.

Shannon could be counted on to keep Joy on the straight and narrow (as if Joy had any intention of straying). She was the quiet one - the one who liked to keep to the background. She didn't say much, but you could catch her eyes twinkling every once in a while if you watched close enough. She learned how to clean cabins with the best of them. She turned out to be a top-notch dishwasher, and, if you have some serious shopping to do (I mean 4 flatbeds full at Costco), be sure to take Shannon along.

Although neither of the girls really got into kayaking or canoeing this summer, they both came to the conclusion their legs were broken - thus they really NEEDED to ride the four-wheelers (even if it was only 100' across the yard to the next cabin). Shannon came a bit more prepared for this ardorous task. She understood how to apply the brakes and the gas. Joy, on the other hand, needed some practice (okay, a LOT Of practice). With her jackrabbit starts and abrupt stops, I'm really quite amazed the vacume (and cleaning supplies) survived the summer.

Well girls, my hat is off to you both. You were great help and even more fun. You will not be soon forgotten - either by us or this summer guests at Elk Lake Resort. You will be missed GREATLY! We all wish you great times for the remaining weeks of your summer - and the upcoming school year. Take care and don't let anyone tell you you aren't the BEST!

Lady of the Lake

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