Fall 'hints' at its Upcoming Arrival at Our Western Montana Lodge

It's that time of year again. Here in the mountains the summers are short - at least when compared to many of the lower regions around us. And, fall is foretelling its soon arrival in the cool nights and cooler days. Of course, summer isn't willing to give up without a fight.

Today the temperature rests in the low 80's, but a few days ago our highes were in the high 60's. The nights, too, are beginning to show signs of the weakning hold of the sun. With average lows in the upper 30's - and a few nights already dipping into the low 30's, we're getting a taste of what is coming.

The animals are more abundant, too, as the days cool down. Several moose have been sighted. The deer are quite abundant - and getting more daring. In fact, I fear for my flowers. The fawns are getting big, and although they've not lost their spots, they are looking more like adolescents than babies. The fox kits are nearly full grown. The Sandhill Crane babies are approaching their parents' size. Some of the birds are gone - the tree swallows for one - and others are flocking - a sure sign of their impending departure. Even a few of the aspens are starting to show yellow and orange mixing with their green.

Yes, fall is approaching, but with stubborn tenacity we hang on to the departing vestages of summer. Although I love fall - the colors, the crisp nights, the clear air - the short summer season (and the busyness of it) make me savor each passing moment (and strive to extend them for as long as possible). However, with the upcoming fall we will have a bit more free time. And, with the beauty of the season, we will seek to enjoy it to its fullest.

For now, at Elk Lake Resort, however, we swim if its warm enough - we sit out on the porch whenever we can - we soak up the sun's warmth - and we enjoy the last fleeting days of a season too quickly behind us.

Lady of the Lake

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