Family Visits Our Western Montana Lodge

In addition to a large variety of guests from many states and even many countries, we've recently had the additional privilege of visits from family. As most of our family is in Oregon (and many of our friends), we see them rarely - even more rarely this time of year. However, both Craig and I have family members here at the moment.

Although our 'real' life has been too busy to do much exploring of late, Craig is spending the day in Yellowstone with his family. The girls and his brother are scheduled to visit some of the high country on horseback toward the week end. And, I have hopes of taking my family into the back country of the Gravellies while they are here.

The weather continues to be hot - in the mid to upper 80's - but we've had a brief respite lately with temperatures dropping into the 70's for the highs. The nights continue to be comfortable with temperatures dropping into the mid 40's to low 50's. However, the continued warm has dried out the grass and increased the fire danger. So, we keep our fingers crossed and whisper an occasional prayer for fire prevention!

The hot weather has driven the wildlife into temporary hiding as well. Our latest excursions have only revealed a few deer - bucks, does, and fawns; a few antelope; and an occasional bull moose. However, the bird life continues to be impressive. In fact, our French visitors saw a Great Grey Owl in the aspens by the ranch house at dusk last night. So, if one keeps their eyes open, there are still wildlife and bird sightings to delight the viewer here at Elk Lake Resort.
Lady of the Lake

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