Poking Around Elk & Widgeon

What can be more delightful than an evening spent quietly meandering around a watercourse teaming with wildlife - especially if one has a good camera and lens? Little I can imagine. Especially this time of year when life is so abundant - and young are starting to appear. Thus I have been grabbing my lens and whatever time allows and poking around the ends of Elk Lake and Widgeon Pond.

Bird life is abundant, as expected. I shared some of my findings in the last post. However, fish and other critters thrive in these waters. Here is a sampling:

They are not the easiest to photograph in their habitat. However, when removed from their comfort zone, we can capture their beauty. Here are some nice examples of the two most common finned residents of Elk Lake.

There is no love loss between the two-legged predators of our finned water residents and these whiskery four-legged omnivores. While their diets definitely include fish, they also enjoy vegetation (as seen in the first picture above). Furthermore, they are such fun, social, and curious critters - I can't help but enjoy their company!

And, of course, there are the birds - of every size, shape, color, and personality. Water fowl (and those living near the water) are the most colorful of our Centennial Valley feathered friends - which makes them more than worthy subjects.

As another day ends in the Centennial, I once again thank God for the opportunity to enjoy such beauty in my very own backyard!

Lady of the Lake

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