Late Spring Photo Montage

Just because I have been up to my elbows in pre-season chores, do not assume I have not enjoyed my 'favorite' part of ELk Lake - its wild and wooly outdoors! While my posting has been sporadic, my photo finger has been busy recording remembrances for another day.

So, while my blog posts have developed a stutter, do not interpret that to mean I'm less engaged with this land I love. In fact, if you grow weary of waiting for my next installment, drop on over to our Facebook page. Here you can pick up a 'daily dose' of Elk Lake - be it food, wildlife, or just the abounding natural beauty.

Today, I leave you with some of my favorite 2013 late spring memories. Enjoy!

The wildflowers are coming on strong. Forgive the double time given to the Arrowleaf Balsamroot. They are such a show-off, and it seems I've become a co-conspirator!

Obviously spring is coming round beautifully here on the home front. I love the way the sunshine warms the fresh new life giving it a glow only seen this time of year.

Climb high. Climb low. Wander over open hill and threw hoary draw. It matters not. Everywhere I turn, spring has taken hold. Some places it is crawling slowly across the meadows. In others it is chipping away, drip by drip, at winter's last fortress on mountain's high.

With glee and gratitude we enjoy these hills and dales we call our 'backyard'. Always knowing as the day tilts toward twilight, the jewel of it all awaits us, just over the next hill and round the next bend!

Lady of the Lake

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