Early Summer Menagerie

Every day brings new sights and sounds to my pristine waking world. Wildlife has returned in mass, turning my quiet backyard into a cacophony. Familiar landscapes take on new colors. Clouds drop to add mystery then raise to float like cotton candy on dark blue jelly. Critters scitter across my path or stop to ponder this odd-looking two legged creature. And, as always, my camera clicks - sometimes even capturing what I think I see!

So, it is time to add more photos from the last few weeks - mountain vistas, wildlife, familiar faces, and even a few images of the buggy kind.

I have decided half the 'trick' of good photography is learning to see. The other half is pure luck! With scenic vistas, cloud backdrops, and brilliant color splashes, I am challenged to not miss the trees in such a magnificent forest!

Of course, Elk Lake doesn't just 'look' pretty. It provides some spectacular fish habitat. Look at that Grayling! Our fish project is clearly working.

There's always room to add another picture of my favorite hiking pal. I'm not sure who enjoys our excursions more. Watching him bounce and jump by my side for the first 100 feet or so, listening to him 'talk' as I gather my gear, and just watching him soak it in is like icing on an already delicious cake!

When I think about it, I am amazed any bugs survive our winter. Top that with a short season to 'make-a-livin', and it's no wonder they are obviously busy.

The deer and elk have returned. The wolves are still here. Did you know the elk always proceed the deer, but the deer are the first to leave? And, yes, there is a story behind those blurry elk. Check out our Facebook page if you are curious. Can you find the elk in the last photo?

Life at Elk Lake has settled in to its summer routine. Isn't it nice to know some things (sometimes even the BEST things) never change?

Lady of the Lake

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