The Latest In Winter "Apparel" and Such

The longer I live at Elk Lake, the more I see. Take my recent hikes. Add a combination of fresh snow followed by cold temperatures and a slightly skewed imagination and you have all the ingredients for a fun winter excursion.

Lately I've been looking at 'details' a bit more. Things which are small - 'normal' yet not - part of every day life in snow country. Just for fun I let my imagination run a bit wild and stumbled across the 'Snow-Line in Winter Apparal and Face Enhancement'. Enjoy!

Take the newest line of snow hats. You can choose from the Snow Flower Hat, the Snow Beanie Cap, the Snow Top Hat, or the Snow Ball Cap!

I see the Gossips prefer Snow Flower Hats!

Of course, all the well-dressed winter ladies know they must have a purse to compliment their hat. The Snow-Line Winter Gear offers a few options. Match your Snow Flower Hat with a Snow Flower purse. Or, go for the more rugged style and chose the Aspen Bark Purse. Of course, being one you prefers something on the smaller side, I would surely choose the dainty Aspen Leaf Purse.

Of course the Snow Line Winter Gear offers more than just hats and purses. You can add Snow Lace - or Snow Feathers - or Snow Buttons to the perfect winter outfit!

While rings aren't really in this winter, Snow-Crusted gloves seem to be all the rage!

Get your hair into Winter-Style with Snow Enhanced Brushes and Snow Bows!

And, for the real snow purist, Snow-Line Winter Gear is proud to offer Full Snow-Camo outfits!

But why stop with clothing? Why not add a few facial enhancements to completely the perfact winter look? How about Snow Dimples or Snow Beauty Marks?

Take it a step farther and add Snow Enhanced Eyelashes or a Snow Specialty Nose Job!

Or, maybe you'd prefer the Snow Enhanced Tongue?

Personally I think the Snow Enhanced Smile, nature's answer to the all-popular teeth whitening system, adds quite a distinctive look.

For those of you who won't settle for anything but the best, Snow-Line Winter Gear is offering a special on the full face Snow Enhancement!

Just goes to show, either cabin fever has warped my mind or there is a LOT more to see out there than what first meets the eye!

Lady of the Lake

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