Heralding Winter's Arrival

Sometimes it is all about 'explaining' and words are the best medium. Sometimes it is all about 'showing' so pictures become the perfect medium. Today's post is all about showing - about sharing that magical time when fall becomes winter. The time when winter no longer flirts but settles in for the long haul. So, today, enjoy the pictures (but, give extra download time).

Montana's Centennial Valley is amazing any time of year. Yet fresh seasons bring a newness which strike with golden highlights. The 'Midas' glow takes over and the ordinary is made extraordinary!

Winter's beauty is not limited to the Centennial's broad expanse. Elk Lake takes on its own winter finery. Lake ice is the first solid sign winter is settling in to stay. Then comes the serious snow - the kind which snuggles up to the frigid ground like an old friend. It often starts shy, but soon its baggage pile grows deep.

Of course, winter's chill sends most critters down the mountain or down a hole. However, some remain - often starkly obvious against a blank-page background.

Even so, wildlife sightings can remain illusive. However, our feathered friends still make regular (and welcome appearances) on the fabric of our lives.

Winter is a different season. It shines brighter and purer than any other season! Thus, its challenges pale beside its beauty and its offerings overflow its requests. Many stare out at dirt and grey. My vision is often blinded by brilliance beyond imaging. Blessed am I!

Lady of the Lake

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