Lessons From My Dogs

From my earliest memories dogs have played a part. The German Shepherd which bit my little brother. The little terrier mix who shadowed my steps as I wandered the 'vast wilds' in my backyard. These 'friends' (for my pets have always felt more like close friends than mere animals) have played key roles on the stage of my life.

During a recent hike with my ever present companions, I began to reminisce about the positive characteristics they have displayed over the years. This brought to mind those quaint little sayings so popular nowdays.

You know. The ones which give us:

  • Lessons From a Moose: So, how well did the author really know that moose?
  • Lessons From a Tree: I've spent a lot of time in the woods, but maybe I missed that class!
  • Lessons From a Bear: They're admittedly cute and cuddly, but I have no desire to have one whispering life lessons in my ear!
And so on. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the idea - and I've seen some cute and practical suggestions. However, I think we can learn 'real' lessons from those companions with which we spend many delightful hours! So here is my take on "Lessons From A Dog".

Always welcome a hand out and don’t bite the hand which feeds you.

Every day is a new day. Life’s too short to carry yesterday’s hurts forward.

Give your heart, 100%, to ‘the’ people in your life.

Protect those you love, no matter the cost.

Smile and 'your' world will smile with you!

Enjoy your friends - they make life fun.

Don't worry about the mirror. Loyalty outweighs looks any day of the year.

Follow all the interesting trails, but never forget your way home.

Begging is okay, but never pout when you don’t get your way.

A good back scratch is worth even a cold hand!

Stand your ground when attacked, but don’t be ashamed to use the escape hatch when outnumbered.

When you are loved, you always have a place to completely relax and be yourself!

Here's hoping you have learned something special from the 'friends' in your life, too. They are gifts - some of the most loyal and forgiving companions any of us will ever have! Certainly these two have enriched my life at Elk Lake.

Lady of the Lake


D&B said...

I finally have a computer again so that I can reconnect with my blog buddies and enjoy interests of others outside my world. I LOVE your doggies pictures and comments. They have the sweetest expressions don't they....especially the smile! What a life your dogs lead romping in the great outdoors!

Lady of the Lake said...

Dear Friend,

So glad to have you back in communications.

Lady of the Lake said...

Dear Friend,

So glad to have you back in communications.