Spring in the Air - Sometimes!

This is the time of year we start longing for spring. Of course spring in the high mountains means sunshine, snow, cold nights, and warm days.

While the warming days tempt us to believe spring is on the way, the cold nights remind us winter is still in control. In a good snow year this is a good time to play. People are few. The snow is good. However, there is a reason the people are few. We are all looking for signs of spring - not reminders of winter.

Fortunately this is also the time of year we get a break. Thus we can spend a week or so in a warmer climate, enjoying some green grass, trees which are beginning to bud, and even an occasional splash of color. Reminders of what will soon arrive in our corner of the world.

This is also the time of year we focus on improving and upgrading and repairing. The time of year we focus on getting things ready for our summer guests. The time of year we can focus more on family time. The time of year which allows us to prepare and regroup for the coming busy summer season.

Thus while we are longing for warmer nights and the first hints of green poking through the melting snow, we are also enjoy a breather between seasons, and we are preparing for and looking forward to your visit.

See you soon!

Lady of the Lake

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