Spring is Coming. . . . . .!

In spite of all the continue talk about global warming (even to the point I've heard rumors the new administration is thinking about (or is already) sending pollution particles into the atmosphere to ??? (You have me - I don't know why), we are enjoying (or enduring) another slow spring. While January and February were relatively mild, March was wet and windy, and April can't figure out what it wants to be when it grows up!

It amazes me to think we drove in to the resort in our van five years ago on the first week in April. Today, however, in mid-May we are still waiting for the road department to get the urge and the inclination to open the road. Although I know waiting is supposed to develop patience, sometimes I get tired of these character lessons :-)

So after several lovely, warm days, when spring really did seem to be in the air, we are back to blowing and drifting. It looks like winter out there folks!

However, we have reason to hope. The snow is settling. Bare spots are starting to appear. The snow is softening and feels wet and springy. And, in all reality, it is great to see our lakes full and our rivers running with abundance. Now if I can just figure out what to do to keep myself happy and entertained (without getting too fat with all this good cooking), and this, too, will pass.

Maybe I should take a lesson for the local Grizzly Bears. I hear the Grizzly's on the Rocky Mountain Front are taking it slow this year. Have you heard? According to the Great Falls Tribune, the bears are late coming out of their dens. Of course, the reporters also say the snow continues to fall, the dens are still well covered, and the wind is still blowing at these higher elevations (tell me about it). So, maybe I should take a lesson from the bears and settle in for a bit more of that 'long winter nap' :-)

Lady of the Lake

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