The Season Winds Down

It is starting to feel like spring in the Centennial. Several recent ski excursions have left me thinking it was time to trade in my skies for hiking boots. Of course there is still too much snow to do so - thankfully - but it is definitely starting to smell and fell like spring.

I've noticed a few more little birds returning. There are spots on the road to Hidden Lake which are starting to go bare. The Narrows (on the lake) is starting to slush up. The snow (yep, we're still getting snow which is a good thing) is getting wet and sticky. All signs of spring.

In fact, sitting in front of the window in the sunshine makes me almost hot! However, we are still having snowmobilers visit each day. We are grateful!

Another week and a half, however, and we'll be heading out for a brief break before heading back to get ready for our summer season. I'm already looking forward to seeing the big game return.

Moose sightings are up and wolf sightings are down. This is a good thing. We had an old moose die up the road lately. We haven't been over there, however, to see if the wolves found him. I suspecting not since the other moose seem to be moving around more freely these days.

The weather is warming, the sun is shining, a bit of snow is falling, and I am so thankful to be the

Lady of the Lake

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