Shake, Rattle, and Roll

A new wave of earthquakes centered in and around Yellowstone National Park has scientists excited, and puzzled. While earthquakes are normal in our area, (in fact, born in California and having lived for several years along Oregon's Pacific fault line, I had to move to Montana to experience a quake) this latest swarm has everyone from scientists to gloom-and-doomers voicing an opinion.

KIDK reported over 250 quakes occurred in a 5 day period. The largest measured 3.9 on the rictor scale. Earthquakes are common in Yellowstone, but this many close together is not. According to KSL news, University of Utah researcher, Bob Smith, said, "We haven't had this energetic or intense of a swarm in . . . well over a decade. So. . . it's unusual and it's notable."

Yellowstone normally experiences about 1,000 to 2,000 quakes per year. What has scientists interested is 250 in 5 days. This, they say, means there is a buildup of energy which needed to be released. The question is why?

Over recent months Yellowstone has been the recipient of many doom and gloom predictions. Some are predicting the end of the world as we know it. Others, like myself and many scientists, believe it is all part of what makes Yellowstone so unique.

Of course, if you get a kick out of reading gloom and doomers, you can visit Dave's" blog or Kyle's" blog. However, since the last time YNP blew, they say, was over 620,000 years ago (although no one was around to record the event) - and 'they' say it blows every 620,000 years (but, again, who really knows for sure?) I think what goes on under the earth's crust is just about as fully discovered as what goes on in the universe surrounding our blue planet.

It is nice to know, not everyone sees a boogy man under every bush. If they did, environmentalists wouldn't have to work so hard to 'decrease' Yellowstone's traffic. As for me, I figure I'm close enough it really won't matter. If it blows, I'm out of here and on to a better place. If it doesn't, I get the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places God created. Either way, I'm blessed to be the

Lady of the Lake

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