Weather Forecasts

Last winter we barely saw the sun. Blue was more often our mood than the color of the sky. However, back to back snow storms blanketed our landscape in a liberal cover of white, blessing us with one of the best snow years in recent history.

Then, of course, that winter to remember had a hard time letting us go. Not until June did the sun finally win the battle and sunshine and blue skies returned to delight our days. Our world turned from brown and white to a virtual kaleidoscope of color almost overnight.

I am not big on weather forecasters. I continue to stand amazed that someone so seemingly inept at their job continues to get paid. Furthermore, people actually continue to believe what they say.

Me, I look out the window in the morning. That is my weather forecast. It is rarely wrong. Are there clouds? Probably at least partly cloudy today. Is the sky an unmarked blue? Probably sunny today. Is it mid-June with a growing cloud bank on the horizon? Better plan on a thunderstorm. Is the sky heavy and dark? Expect some weather today.

It is a simplistic system. It does not work well for predicting future weather patterns. Besides it does not give me a clue what is happening underneath other ‘patches of sky', but it is usually quite accurate for that particular day under my particular ‘patch of sky'.

So, I look to the sky and I see lots of blue, or maybe some light clouds, and I figure we are not getting any snow today. Quite frankly, I figure we had winter until almost summer, and we complained. I supposed winter's delay is just recompense for our lack of gratitude last spring.

One way or the other, winter is bound to come. How much snow we get, well, that is Someone else's hands. Regardless, God is in heaven. All is right with the world (even if it sometimes seems otherwise). And, I am thankful to remain the

Lady of the Lake

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Susan Stevenson said...

What a gorgeous photo!

Thank you for commenting to my blog. We visited Montana a few years ago, and absolutely loved the state. It is a place we would love to revisit someday. We spent a few days at Glacier Nat'l Park before crossing into Idaho and rafting the Lochsa River.

We are both blessed to live in God's country, that's for sure. So many people don't have the opportunity to see beauty each and every day, just by looking out the window.