Winter Has Arrived!

As I write this, if I but lift my eyes, I can gaze upon a winter wonderland. While some were predicting a drier than last winter for our area (can't say I blame them, it sure took winter a while to come), the snow situation is DEFINITELY looking up.

In fact, we had a harder time getting in to the lodge than normal this year. For starters, on the heels of the snow came the wind. I mean WIND! In an area where the wind can really blow, this was incredible. It shreaked. It howled. It rushed down the side of Mt. Jefferson turning a usually peaceful area into a howling wilderness.

So, while we were ready to go - and even made three attempts to head this way, it was not until the fourth (God blessed us with a nice day and kind friends to help for this one) we finally made the trip. On our first first attempt, Craig got stuck on a powder sled (supposed to handle this kind of stuff) with no load on behind and only a few miles from our starting point.

On the second attempt we couldn't even see good enough to get the sleds loaded. The third went much like the second - thus that day was shot. However, we had reason to be thankful when we discussed the trail with a fellow user the following day.

Seems like he 'had' to get in - so he did. And, coming back out, with two male adults to handle any trail problems, it took him 4 hours to cover the last two miles due to WIND and getting stuck constantly in the powdery snow!

In addition the wind did a number on the snow which had fallen. From contouring a flat hillside into hundreds of concrete-surfaced humps and wind-scoured dips to piling powder in the most unexpected places, our trail had taken on some new dimisions. Since then, however, we have received some nice, gentle, straight-falling-down powder which has gone a long way toward covering the bare spots and smoothing the rough ones.

We are thankful! And, I'm enjoying some wonderful cross country skiing, to boot. As always, I am blessed to be the

Lady of the Lake

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