There Really is NO Place Like Our Western Montana Lodge

How many times have you heard the phrase, "There's no place like home?" If you've heard it as often as I have, it has probably become one of the cliques which you really don't hear anymore. Although coined by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, this simple phrase really couldn't carry much more 'punch' if you think about it. After all, to compare ALL other places to one - and find them all coming up short in one way or another - is a pretty strong statement.

So, what does 'home' mean to most of us? I'd suggest 'home' implies a place to relax, warmth, good food, people you can 'let your hair down' around, good times, good sleep, and laughter, to name a few. When you think about it, home is the one place the real world drives us to, time and time again, for a chance to really be ourselves and to rejuvenate so we can go back out there and rejoin the fight.

Well, after spending a few days away, I'm convinced our home at Elk Lake Resort is the perfect representation of what 'home' is, or at least ought to be. Take the things I listed above -

Relaxation - Granted many of my days (and nights) here are very busy, but I've never found a place which so lends itself to complete relaxation as my home here in the Centennial.

Warmth - Although the mountain weather can remind you of the most changeable person you've ever met, there is always warmth to be found inside - if not out. In fact, I know many who would agree when I say a rainy (or snowy) day, a warm fire, and a good book are what make up some of the best days in life.

Good Food - Here I think we've got a LOT of places beat hands down. Now, I'm not trying to pat my own back, after all every one of our recipes has come from someone else who perfected it over time and then passed it on, but I rarely pass up the opportunity to try whatever is considered the 'best place in town' to eat. And, in all honesty, I rarely come away feeling inadequate to complete!

People you can 'let your hair down' with - To me, this is one of the most endearing aspects of Elk Lake. Over the years we've gained a 'following' of sorts, people who love places like this - and love to make new friends and renew old acquaintances in places like this. It seems places 'in the middle of nowhere' tend to draw people who are real - not stuck on a pedestal and fake to the core.

Good Times - What is there about getting back to nature which makes everything more fun, more pure, and more, well for the lack of a better word, real? As commercialized as we've made our 'fun', it seems to me the best times are those which have few, if any, things added to pure and unadulturated nature.

Good Sleep - This is one of the things I notice the most when I leave. What is your prescription for a good night's sleep? Mine is dark, quiet, and comfortable. Well, we have the dark, the quiet, and most of our guests also think the comfortable. In fact, even our early risers often surprise themselves with sleeping a few hours longer than they normally do.

Laughter - What description of any special place is complete without laughter? Here we specialize in laughter - at ourselves, at the animals, at each other. In fact, if our guests aren't laughing, we know they aren't really enjoying themselves. Fortunately, laughter is the norm.

Well, I've obviously got it bad. I guess I'm stuck with Dorothy's line - "No matter how far I roam, there really is NO PLACE like home!"

Lady of the Lake

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