A New Season at our Western Montana Lodge

Of course the big news is - after a great snow year, we are watching our snowpack fizzle under the onslaught of an unusually warm spring. In fact, the trees have leaves! Yes, before Memorial Day, we have leaves. But, who in their right mind would complain in the face of an awakening earth?

Then again, the water level hasn't looked this good in years, and the fishing - well, the fishing has been great! After their latest survey, Montana FWP has given a thumbs up to both Hidden Lake and Elk Lake.

In other news, the wildlife is back in full-force. Elk have been seen passing through the valley. Wolves have been sighted in the area. The moose are beginning to move off the valley floor, but we still saw eleven on our drive the first of the week. The smaller animals are getting into the act too - with regular visits from river otters and chipmunks. Even the fox seems to be frequenting the back door, looking for handouts. And, the birds!

After a long winter with only an occasional visitor (outside of the Magpies), we have an abundant variety of birds to enjoy. In the last few days I've had the pleasure of watching majestic Trumpeter Swans flying in formation overhead, listening to the haunting calls of Sandhill Cranes echoing down the canyon, watching my favorite winged acrobats - the Tree Swallows dipping and diving in search of a snack, relished the awesome colors of an Audobon Warbler, been dazzled by the nearly flourescent blue of our Mountain Bluebirds, and been serenaded to sleep by the soft calls of a variety of water fowl.

Life is good. It's good to be back at Elk Lake - especially at this time of year as we watch the green of summer unfold before our eyes.

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