Everthing Goes as Expected at Our Western Montana Lodge

Some things can be relied on. When you sit down, the chair to holds you. When you turn on the switch, the light comes on. When you turn on the faucet, water runs out. And, when Memorial Day weekend rolls around at Elk Lake, it snows.

This Memorial Day did not fail to deliver. In spite of the mid 70's - shorts - weather, just a few days before the big weekend, the sky began to fill with clouds; the temperatures began to drop; and, yes, the snow came rolling our way.

And, so as not to disappoint, we received even more snow than normal. In fact, for two days - Saturday and Sunday - the snow continued to fall, the wind continued to blow, and the highs (I have NO idea what part of the day actually got this warm) reached a whopping 50 degrees!

Now, snow, Memorial Day, and fishing in nasty weather, all go together to make the 'perfect' weekend for my die-hard Montana fishing guests. But, for those who brought their RV's and their little kids, and (perhaps foolishly) planned to spend a little time outdoors, Saturday completely wiped out those plans.

In fact, it is unusual, even in the winter, to receive such a steady fall of snow. It snowed ALL day. Although the ground was warm, which slowed accummulation, we still managed to stack up about 1 1/2 inches before the day was over. Sunday, however, was a bit more typical (although COLD). It would snow for 20 minutes then sunshine for 10, then snow again, then hail, then blow, then a little sunshine.

Well, the weather didn't only make for what I'd class "miserable" fishing, it also turned our road (which at its best can be far from good) into a virtual 5 mile long mudhole with deep ruts and nasty sink holes). Now, consider this - you brought your new (or nearly so) $40,000 (or more) RV up to spend the weekend. The road, on the way in, was its usual rough but passable at 5 - 10 miles per hours self. However, now that you're here, the weather has turned that lovely road into something you don't want to take your four wheel drive pickup down, let alone your nice RV - but, what are your options?

Yeah, they had to haul them back out! According to the folks I talked to (calling to let us know they'd survived the experience), they only jacknifed a few times! And, of course, they took a couple of acres of Montana mud with them, courtesy of the Beaverhead County Road Department.

Less you think I exagerate, I have 'written' proof of the road conditions (as well as photos). When the young men who typically look for excuses to go squirrel around in mud, balk at such as they have to traverse, it is not for the faint of heart.

However, less you think we had a bad weekend, fear not. Fun was had by all (who could get here), regardless of the weather (or maybe in spite of it). The fishing, in between snow showers, was terrific, and the pool table got a fair amount of use during snow showers.

And, so, another saga in life at Elk Lake goes down in the history books!

Lady of the Lake

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