Boy shows the way at our Western Montana Lodge

After a busy day fishing, it was a young man who took the 'prize' for catching the biggest fish. Young Cameron was determined to catch something. Dad might be here on business, but, to Cameron, fishing was his business. As with most things in life, the fish didn't make it easy, but he persisted. And, after several hours on the dock, drowning his fly, his patience and persistence were rewarded.

A fish finally bit at that fly, and that was all the encouragement Cameron needed. He deftly and skillfully worked him in to shore. Then what? He came bearing his fish, de-gutted and bloody to the lodge. "Your husband said you'd cook this for me," he said.

After making him a deal to cook the fish if he'd let me take his picture (not a very hard bargain to reach), the boy parted with his prize. Of course, as soon as Dad got back, he had to come to the kitchen first - "Can I show Dad my fish?" A few more interested parties (men who couldn't seem to get a bite - would the whipping wind and white caps have anything to do with that?) to have a look, and the fish finally got cooked and eaten.

This morning, the memory and a photo, one young man headed back home - his quary slain - his goal accomplished. And so, like the 12# rainbow from Hidden Lake, last year, a boy showed the men how it was done. Good for you Cameron!

Lady of the Lake

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