Pronghorn Photo Op

As day after beautiful day dawns in rapid succession, it is easy to be lulled into feeling like it will never end. Yet the signs of fall are in the air - cooler nights, diminishing bird song, increasing wildlife sightings - it all adds up to fall knocking on our door.

Yet as the birds thin out, the big game seems to work its way out of the forest fringes to browse on the green patches left after the sun's rays have browned the majority. Thus sighting these two pronghorn bucks near Elk Springs Creek was not *that* unique. However, their apparent ambivelance to our presence was. Nonetheless, even as the evening light faded, I took advantage of the photo opportunity. They didn't seem to mind.

Soon they will flee the hunter's prowess, but until then, I relish 'shooting' their beauty with my favorite 'hunting' instrument - a camera!

Lady of the Lake

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