An Evening On The Porch

One of the amazing things about Elk Lake is a person doesn't even have to leave the front deck to find themselves surrounded by natural beauty - sometimes dynamic even jaw-dropping natural beauty. Thus a few evenings ago I tried to capture a 'piece' of the beauty we all enjoyed while standing on our front porch.

In the mountains, hot summer days often translate into stormy summer nights. However, mountain thunderstorms, while often bearing much needed liquid, are a far cry from a typical rain storm. They usually come bearing gifts: colorful rainbows, towering silver-lined thunderheads, and gorgeous contrasts.

The rainbow seemed to park itself right over Cabin 5 - or maybe it was the knob just behind it, the one we call listening point. Was there a message to be heard?

Darks and lights - frowning and smiling - yet all floating on a sea of deep blue - the thunderclouds emphasized the storm's contrasts.

So we stood, talking and watching, as the elements spent themselves to a quite end.

As many times as I've seen it, I always marvel at the calm after the storm. Tempest past, Old Glory lay relaxed as the last of the storm clouds sauntered by overhead.

The lingering storm clouds created a perfect canvas for the end-of-day colors. What a lovely image to carry into sleep!

Lady of the Lake

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