The Weather Has It!

(Photo courtesy of Gary Pumplin) Regardless of who is talking, regardless of their conversation's original purpose, regardless of how well (or not) they know each other, it seems the weather always comes up - especially this spring. Of course, as Americans, we tend to use the weather as a filler - a safe subject - common ground. However, this year I think the weather is getting more than its share of attention.

Maybe it's the rain. The thunder storm which blows through every afternoon. The wind. The muddy road - boy let me tell you about the road. Regardless, it seems to be on everyone's mind. And, not just folks living in our corner of Montana.

In Florida, it's the drought. Everywhere else it seems to be the cold, wet, unseasonably slow spring.

Here at Elk Lake we have enjoyed an unusually cool spring. However, the cooler temperatures and wetter weather have brought to light a few 'discoveries'. Nothing new. Nothing world-shaking. Just a few little things I've never really paid attention to before.

Dewdrops on the grass. The 'spider web' which surrounds a slowly melting snow drift. Tiny and hardy wildflowers springing up in some of the most unlikely places. The birds.

For many years I've enjoyed birds. In fact I will always be thankful to the lady who, years ago, pointed out the incredible variety in our front yard (back in Oregon). Her suggestion I get a bird book opened new worlds for me. I moved my love and interest in birds from Oregon to Montana. And, in the last several years my bird book has gotten a lot of use.

Whether it is the weather or the bird feeder or something else, I have noticed more color than usual in my yard this spring. Finches. Warblers. Grosbeaks. Hummingbirds (yes, already!). Yellow-headed black birds. And more. It has been a visual delight to watch for new visitors.

So, although I can talk the weather as good as the next guy, I've also enjoyed the fact it has brought to my attention (and my feeder) some new and beautiful details abounding in my own backyard.

Lady of the Lake

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deerkangaroo said...

The weather! Yes, it is safe to talk about. We had yet more snow- it was so odd, snow all around and pollen floating on the puddles. I just went through the photos again from when we were there last year. How I miss you guys! Hope all is going well with you.