Hardy and Beautiful

While we tend to associate the word 'hardy' with words like 'sturdy', 'tough', 'durable', I've learned a new association this spring. These associated words are not neccesarily synonymous with beauty. In fact, they are often equated with something entirely different.

I associate things like clunky shoes, plain furniture, and reinforced knee jeans with the word 'hardy'. However, this spring I have learned the word can be associated with beautiful things.

I'm referring to my hero of the week. Wildflowers! With an uncommon abundance of grey skies, I was thrilled to find several splashes of color set against the green carpet covering the hillsides around the lodge. At least four beautiful wildflower varieties are withstanding our not-too-friendly weather - if for no other reason than to bring beauty and pleasure into our lives.

Sometimes I think the wildflowers, in spite of the challenges they face this time of year, are the lucky ones. Their job in a nutshell - bloom for our pleasure. They face the weather without worry or fear, trusting their Creator to provide for them. I guess, although I wouldn't trade them places on one of our cold, windy, nights, in some ways they enjoy the best in life.

None-the-less, in spite of the more 'political tone' of my recent blogs, I consider myself very lucky too, to live in such an incredible place. A place where each new day brings new discoveries - the Red-Necked Grebes return, elk silhouetted against the morning sky, sandhill cranes strutting their stuff on the lake shore, and majestic eagles riding the wind currents. I am blessed to be the

Lady of the Lake

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