Nothing But Nature

Traditionally we fulfill our obligations to family and friends with an annual or semi-annual visit this time of year. However, for folks who enjoy their peace and quiet (and lack of traffic), it can be a bit trying.

It's funny. It seems like most people talk about the 'beauty' of nature. Flowers. Birds. Wildlife. Wide Open Vistas. Majestic Mountains. Towering Pines. These are all part of life at Elk Lake Resort. And, I must admit I relish these delights to my eye. However, when we travel the thing I notice most is the noise.

The press of people and the noise their lives generate seems to permeate my pours. A few days into our trip I find myself feeling incredibly world-weary.

Although this happens to me twice a year, it always takes me a day or two to figure out what is bothering me. I seem to wander around in a daze, looking for something I cannot identify. Finally something 'clicks', and I have my answer.

Quiet! I'm craving quiet - Elk Lake style!

Where on earth (outside of Elk Lake) does one find quiet, Elk Lake style? It isn't easy! I know. I've looked.

It isn't hard to find a nice motel room, a sunny poolside haven, a well-mixed cocktail. It isn't even hard to find a 'resort' with cabins on the lake. It is hard, however, it find the pure peace and quiet and relaxation which permeates my home.

In fact, in our travels, I am always amazed at how rare they are - these qualities I treasure; I crave. In fact, in all our wanderings this spring (and we have treked across a few roads never before explored by us), I've only come close a couple of times!

With the ongoing attack on ranchers, I wonder how long my usual 'sanity' spot will survive. Chicken lovers. Wolf lovers. Subdivision lovers. They are all taking their toll. However, to date, I'm thankful to say, it remains.

Where? At the back edge of a friend's ranch in the still somewhat remote and wild Wallowa Valley. Long live the rancher! Without these large chunks of land far from the press of the crowd, I think this is one lady who would quietly (or not) go insane before she could make it back to Elk Lake Resort!

Lady of the Lake

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