Remote Challenges

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(Photo is of 2007 summer crew) One issue which any small business owner faces, but seems to challenge small, remote business owners even more is finding and hiring good employees. We've had one of those years. Some years its easy. Some years its a challenge. This year has been a challenge year.

The funny thing is, we've had some good candidates apply. But, one additional issue small, remote businesses deal with is housing issues. Okay, so I've got a good prospect. Where are they going to sleep? To combate this issue, we've tried to attact workampers - folks who have their own living quarters - typically an RV.

But, there's another twist to the problem. Since we generate our own power, we have limited extra power. So, in the past we've also tried to hire a couple. That way we could have two people in one RV. But, this year that just hasn't come to pass.

In fact, we've struck out THREE Times. Three times we've had a good couple. Someone we felt would enjoy working here - enjoying being here - and whom we would enjoy. Three times we've been within a couple of days (at the most) of offering them the job. Three times something has come up which changed their mind. How many times can you strike out? Well, this year at least three!

On the other hand, we still have four really good options for employees - all singles. This means MORE housing issues. So, now we get to try and make this work. Two of the singles have their own RV - obviously putting them to the top of the list. But, with three employees needed this year, we're talking three RVs. So, now my poor hubby is scratching his head trying to figure out how to power three RVs and the resort!

None-the-less, if it weren't for the challenges, we wouldn't fully enjoy the easy decisions - like whether to ski or snowshoe on such a gorgeous day. Or how long to wait before trying to take a picture of the lunar eclipse occuring just outside my window.

Boy, some decisions in life are so hard!

Lady of the Lake

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