Winter Reminds Us Of Its Impending Arrival

It got cold! It got real cold! Well, maybe not real cold (the 20's above really doesn't constitute real cold weather at our Western Montana Lodge), but going from the 70's to the 30's in a 24 hour period definitely got our attention.

After several days of Indian Summer - warm, blue skies, soft breeze, perfect weather - the cold front which passed through over the weekend served as an excellent reminder. As one visitor said, "In Montana, September can be in the 70's or snowing." And it did, snow that is.

In fact, all day Saturday, while our brave fishermen from California tried to keep their fingers from freezing (and while, by the way, they caught some nice fish), it snowed. Never very hard, and it didn't stick, but it snowed all day - and blew a bit too. Consequently, several of our guests thought it was a nice day to sit around the fire and watch some college football or play a game of gin or poker in the dining room.

Today, however, although there is still a 'bite' in the air, it is into the 50's in the shade - and much warmer in the abundant sunshine. And, the air is clean and clear - another benefit of the weather system which passed through. Another, and there are several, is the help I'm sure it gave to the firefighters who have been bravely battling fires on several fronts this summer.

Now the trees are getting very serious about showing off their fall wardrobe. The bugs have just about had their final curtain call. The air is clean. The sky is soooo blue. And, life here at Elk Lake Resort is a new adventure everyday!

Lady of the Lake

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