We're Enjoying Fall at our Western Montana Lodge

Fall is such a beautiful time of year at Elk Lake Resort. In fact, if I were hard pressed I might say it was my favorite time of year. Then again, there really isn't a season in the Centennial I don't enjoy. Spring brings a carpet of green which spreads like paint flowing from a huge can across the dry and dead landscape left behind when the snow departs. And who can forget to mention to baby animals which seem to appear on every side.

Summer, with its long warm days and cool nights adds delights of its own. Early summer is a great time for fishing, wildflower enjoyment, and wildlife viewing. Mid summer the lake warms enough for swimming and water play; late summer brings the animals back down from the high country for more viewing opportunities.

Then we've got fall. Glorious, colorful fall! The aspens put on a display unlike any other season. With their coats of red and gold hanging on white and black coat racks against the deep green background of their evergreen counterparts, they are the 'queen' of the season. However, the fishing is back in gear, much of the wildlife is in 'rut' and thus showing and sounding more, and the sky takes on the deep blue which no color chart can replicate.

But let's not forget winter. I think it odd so many think winter would be the 'hardest' time of year here. With hundreds of miles of snow all around, all one needs is a snowmobile, snowshoes, or cross country skies to enter this wonderland of white which Disney, with all its special effects and computer gurus, can NEVER replicate. In my opinion, there is nothing so beautiful as the sun turning a white field into a million sparkling diamonds and draping capes of white across noble evergreen ladies under an endless canopy of blue. Who on earth could take such a sight for granted?

Lest I wax too poetic, I better end. The days are getting shorter and cooler, but we continue to be blessed with lots of warm sunshine and beautiful blue skies. I know they won't last long so I'm enjoying every moment I can get outside. Yesterday evening it was a kayak ride on the lake just before dusk. Today it was a visit on the porch with friends, old and new. Tomorrow - well, I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds, here in the backside of nowhere - or, in my opinion, just a mile or so from heaven.

Lady of the Lake

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