Morning Moose

It has always been a special pleasure to look out my window and find some of our resident wildlife hanging around the yard. Perhaps that is because I have never found myself nose-to-nose with a Grizzly or Wolf! And, of course, no winter would be complete without an occasional moose visit. However, not until this year, have I ever looked out the window to find a moose cuddled up enjoying its cud within a few feet of my bedroom!

Of course the pre-dawn light did not permit a decent photo - and I refused to disturb his relaxation by flashing a bright light his way merely for the sake of a picture. So, when a 'crunch' 'crunch' broke the morning stillnes a bit later, I knew he was on the move before the humans (or the dog) made an apperance.

But a dog doesn't need his eyes to know a visitor has been tromping up his yard while he slept. So it came as no surprise the recently vacated moose bed was the first place Bo inspected when released from his kennel. "Hmmm," you can almost hear him thinking, "They're getting a bit cocky, sleeping this close to MY house!"

However, as big as they are, moose are mighty adapt at hiding. So, it took us all a little time to figure out where he'd gone.

Yet, they ARE big animal, and Bo is pretty efficient at locating critters. Thus in no time, he sounded the alarm. Sure enough, there is our moose. Oh! Make that THREE moose! Where did you come from?

Left to herself, I suspect this cow would have been quite content to give Bo her 'best' side and call it even.

However, she was not alone. And, like any good mother, she appeared to consider 'safe' a better proposition than 'sorry'.

So, in obviously effective moose language she called her calf, and together they headed to off find a less noisy grazing ground.

Mr. Bull, on the other hand, appears completely unfrazzled by Bo and his noisy incantations. Fortunlately we were able to convince Bo his job was complete - and Mr. Bull was left to mosey his way out at his own speed.

Since this visit, so far as I know, we have had no moose cuddling up to the lodge. However, based on the tracks I'm seeing around, they aren't far away - just munching away around the corner or bedded behind the willows and out of sight!

Lady of the Lake

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