Centennial Winter Photo Anthology - March 2013

First off, an apology. After posting regularly to Elk Lake News for the past several years, the 'writing juices' needed a break. Thus the silence. The time off has been delightful - and, hopefully, has recharged my creativity and sparked a few new post ideas. We'll see. Thank you for coming back to see if we're still around!

Winter's baton has officially passed to spring, but letting go can come hard in the Centennial. One day spring rules. Next dawn rises, its crown hidden by fresh snow. Yet solar power will not be denied - laying bare more ground each day. Even fading before my eyes, the snow's beauty still remains - at least in the photos captured when its kingdom stood secure.

Thus, one month remains to share- a time of pristine beauty when winter white christened with diamond carpets.

March shone as winter's gem - sparkling sunny days and crisp cool nights. Saphire blue crowed emerald green sprinkled across cut crystal carpets.

Sunny days do not deepen snow. Yet, March sun rays do not hold the power to subdue. Thus day after glorious day we enjoyed spring snow under bright skies.

Best of all, a firm base and good coverage provided great snowmobiling. One afternoon we decided to 'take a drive'!

How many and which animals can you spot in this photo? Unfortunately I was too slow. The eagles had taken flight.

Pain from beauty? Sometimes - it almost hurts to view something so lovely, so perfect, so pristine!

Yet, pristine skies day upon day, covered their face when spring announced its arrival. Winter replied, "Oh, really?"

Spring snow changes the snowshoeing experience. Surprises appear from under the snow like rabbits from a hole. Snowshoes do not sink, but dog feet pick up baggage.

And so the winter drew to a close - glorious in color, grandeur, and beauty. Nine years and I still find it hard to believe "I" am the one blessed to look upon such rare delights!

Lady of the Lake

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