Centennial Valley Autumn Splendor

In the Northern Rockies typically one or two seasons dominate. Their presence is so overpowering, those which bracket them are merely commas in the year's journal. Rarely do the 'pleasant' seasons truly compete with the more challenging ones. This year the commas became exclamation points! Thus we enjoyed a long, hot (for us) summer and a brilliant, long-enduring autumn.

My hiking excursions were sorely limited this fall. However, one evening we broke away to enjoy the glorious landscape wrapped in its warm cloak and kissed by the rosy evening sunlight.

Last post I majored on the 'story' and minored on the 'photos'. This time I'll step back and, outside of a few minor explanations, let those thousand words speak for themselves!

Majestic mountains in a golden setting - what could be more breathtaking! Certainly the purple - green mountains look their best when couched in a pile of gold.

The waning sunlight accentuates the beauty any time of year. Yet in the season when golds dominate, they catch the sunlight and reflect it back like a million rose-kissed mirrors.

Angel tree with halo of gold you write your Creator's glory. With each tickling wind your flickering leaves dance and bob like shy maidens flashing smiles then dancing away.

Fall means cowboy season. In come the cowboys to take their charges back down to the home range.

Of course domestic stock aren't the only critters wandering around. As fall breezes cool our backyard, the wildlife return for our viewing pleasure

And, of course, I have totally enjoyed the Elk Lake swan family. By late fall they were spending a good portion of their time at the lake's south end - in clear view for photography.

A glorious autumn season has come to an end. Winter is knocking at the door. Yet, for those long weeks, we were blessed to enjoy the most colorful and lovely fall for the past nine years. I hope you enjoy these several thousand words!

Lady of the Lake


D&B said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I find a strong pull in the direction of the Centennial Valley. Hmmmm.....we are hooked! We are coming back! Bonnie

Lady of the Lake said...


Shall we put that in stone just so you *have* to come back?! I am glad you find it beautiful. You daughter thought you found it too dry (perhaps even stark) when compared to your semi-tropic location :-). Thanks for the comment and the compliments.

Plain Jane said...


These are so beautiful!!! The one of the two swans...wow...

Lady of the Lake said...

Thank you! As you know, when you have so much beauty to work with, it's only your own fault if you fail to capture at least a glimpse :-)