Elk Lake's Fickle Spring Weather

While the view outside my window looks altogether different today, barely a week ago, winter tried to return to the Centennial Valley! Such is life at 6700 feet. Winter often tries to reassert its dominance, but as the warm sunshine and green grass gracing my view prove, summer is winning the war!

Nonetheless, its fun to curl up inside where its warm and watch the snow falling steadily knowing, this time of year, it will not be around long. In fact, while my snowy gate didn't look very inviting (unless, of course, you were on a snowmobile) that day, by the next morning the sun had whisked the white away leaving the green behind.

While the lake's open waters have started tempting the local (and not so local) fishermen, no one seemed willing to brave the grey skies and falling snow on this day.

While the sun contributes largely to our power needs - especially this time of year - the solar panels were doing a better job catching the snow than the sun (not that there was any to catch) this day.

Today the picnic tables invite you to come, soak up the sun and enjoy the view - we weren't the least tempted to lunch outside on this snowy day.

Of course not all of us were intimidated by the weather. Bike riding in a few inches of snow anyone?

What I always wonder, however, is what happens to all the animals and birds who have come back to the valley. I suppose most of the animls just wait it out (an unwelcome but, hopefully, short diet). However, a bird's body is much smaller. What do they do when the door to their house is snowed shut?

So, I started looking around. I found this robin sitting all fluffed up in the snow-free area under our stock trailer.

At the other end of the trailer, the Juncos had a much more optomistic attitude. In fact, they looked like they were totally unfazed by the white stuff covering the ground.

No other birds, or animals, were to be found. But, not long after the snow stopped and the sun came out, the air came back to life with bird song. So. . .apparently like the humans peering out the window, the birds and animals just hunkered down and waited for the sun to win the war!

Lady of the Lake

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