A Wedding Outside Yellowstone (Part 2)

While we were working away preparing lots of scrumptuous food, over a dozen delicious pies, and finalizing our 'beautifying' project on the front patio, members of the bridal party, good friends, and hard-working family were busy turning Elk Lake's grounds into the perfect wedding location.

The wedding day dawned bright and clear. While June can be an 'iffy' month (weather-wise) at 7,000 feet, the adundant sunshine added to the celebratory mood. The flowers which were in the dining room overnight caught the morning light and made our early morning coffee a festive affair.

Early morning sunlight added an almost unearthly glow to the tent the crew had set up the previous afternoon. Soon this skeletal structure would take on a personality all its own as it was dressed in its wedding finery.

However, before everyone tackled their various tasks, they all settled in to enjoy the morning sunlight, a good cup of coffee, some great visiting, and a serving (or two) of a tasty breakfast. In keeping with the bride and groom's 'theme', we prepared Blueberry-Huckleberry French Toast. . .

And a heartier egg dish to accompany the fresh fruit, cereals, yogurt, toast, hard-boiled eggs and various beverages which typically adorn our breakfast buffet.

As I said, the flowers had spent the night in our dining room where, even bunched together, they added a beautiful splash of color to our morning activities. The bride had chosen not only beautiful flowers, but durable ones. Furthermore, many of her flowers looked like their wild cousins growing in the yard and on the surrounding hillsides.

Yet even beautiful flowers can be enhanced by a skilled hand. Thus Jamie set to work shaping and molding the various blossoms and greens into works of art. Here she is crafting the bridal bouquet.

While she worked, others were setting up the 'chapel' and the wedding arch.

Even here flowers were used to adds a touch of 'natural' beauty so in keeping with the Elk Lake setting.

What amazed me most was the bride's 'eye' for things which not only looked beautiful but actually enhanced Elk Lake's natural charm. Her wise choices made everything 'fit' with an amazing degree of success.

Even the wedding favors, the 'stage' upon which they set, and their unique and natural display flowed with the overall natural yet classy scheme. An old wagon, some burlap, flowers, green hills, blue sky - who could ask for more?

In keeping with the flavor 'theme', the groom's mother labored many hours to prepare the beautiful and tasty wedding favors. I really cannot imagine anything more in keeping with a Yellowstone Country wedding. Huckleberries and mountains are such a natural pair! Even the hand-crafted labels, the whimsical country-style fabric and the old-fashioned ball jars 'fit' to a 'T'.

Here, surrounded by all this spreadable love, rested a simple guestbook - again the perfect fit. As I watched guests adding their notes and good wishes, I imagined the bride and groom enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) many hours reliving the memories of this day.

The wine table - so elegant dressed in white linen and crystal - also took to the natural setting. Rough barn board backdrop; wildflower-look posies in a ball jar 'vase'; wood hand-carved chair to the side - all worked together to create that perfect blend of elegant culture and natural beauty.

Clear jars of lemonade and ice water bursting with fresh sliced lemons - sitting on a rustic wood table against a backdrop of rough barn boards flanked by the wildflower-look posies in their almost matching ball jar also fit the scene to perfection.

In the tent the tables, dressed to perfection in classy white linens, kept the ideal blend of culture and nature. Twisted willow branches and river rock in clear glass vases - ball jars of wildflower posies - rough-spun table runners, green grass floor, woodsy cabin and sagebrush backdrop - who could ask for a better combination for a Rocky Mountain wedding?

Finally everything was set up and ready to go. The wedding chapel, white chairs and burlap runner on a green grass carpet, flanked by flashing silver-green aspens rising from wildflower studded earth, blue sky overhead, and snow-capped mountains for a backdrop - WOW, I can't imagine a more beautiful beginning of the road?

One of our employees climbed the hill behind the lodge for a bird's eye view of the ceremony. As you can see, it couldn't have been a prettier day or a more gorgeous backdrop to celebrate the joining of a most wonderful couple. Nick and Sarah - we wish you many happy years together. May your road always be enhanced by nature's beauty and made more enjoyable by those touches of class.

Lady of the Lake


Sarah said...

Lerrina & Craig,
We could not have pulled this off without your help. You and your staff were awesome! Elk Lake Resort will always have a special place in our hearts. We will be back next summer (we wish we could come sooner)! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work and help.
Nick & Sarah

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