The ONLY thing I do not like about winter at Elk Lake is, it finds me indoors more than I like. Granted, I do not take advantage of every opportunity to get out - thus I turn into my own worst enemy. But, due to the shorter days and the traffic pattern, it does become more difficult to get out of the lodge.

Another aspect which can impact my winter outdoor activities is the temperature. While I have found one stays quite comfortable - and it is even possible to get uncomfortably warm, even hot, exercising outdoors at 10 below zero, when I see that little minus sign in front of the temperature, it slows my move to the door after a busy day. Lately, we have had a few of those days. Bright. Gorgeous. Inviting. COLD!

Considering I waited until after daylight to take this photo - that thermometer is not making seem very inviting outside! And, lest I doubt the thermometer, other things were verifying its testimony.

From the beautiful ice crystal patterns on the bar windows

To some serious ice on the inside of an old window - it was just plain COLD outside. However, that didn't slow down the moose or the dog!

That moose has been hanging around the lodge all winter - actually we've seen three moose in the vicinity most of the season - in spite of the dog who barks and carries on every time he spies him.

And, before you start feeling sorry for my 'frosty-faced' hiking buddy, let me assure you, he turns his nose up at even the slightest suggestion he should come inside to escape the cold. You couldn't PAY him (well, maybe with a steak but he'd be begging to get out as soon as he'd devoured his 'pay') to come inside. He adores cold weather!

And, just in case your sympathies align more with the moose than the dog - he was back the next day just up Narrows Creek from the lodge

And the next day just outside the front gate. So. . .he obviously would probably prefer the dog keep his opinion to himself, but he doesn't really let it get to him.

Of course, at Elk Lake, the moose aren't the only entertainment. In fact, if one is creative, you never know what they might come up with next to keep them in shape. (And, since the youngest tends to be the most creative, he typically comes up with the most unusual ideas!)

I bet YOU never thought of that! Of course it is not a sport I would recommend except the most youngest (and most foolhardy) amongst us. However, he didn't let something like a few feet of snow slow his progress!

So - how do you escape cabin fever? Try taking pictures of ice on the windows - or watching the moose eat - or watching the dog watching the moose - or try bike riding in the snow! How's that for a little clean (and sane - we really are still sane :-) fun?

Lady of the Lake

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