Christmas At Elk Lake

I love Elk Lake and, quite frankly, am not bashful about lavishing praise on this remarkable place I am privileged to call home. However, I rarely give you a peak at what goes on 'behind-the-scenes' at Elk Lake. In this case I'm talking about the fun of living here and sharing our special home with our friends and family.

So I decided to do a completely a-typical post and share some photos and memories from Christmas 2010. Those of you who read for the wildlife and scenery - come back next time. Those of you who we consider friends and extended family - perhaps this will provide a few smiles.

Of course Christmas includes giving and receiving gifts. And, like everywhere else, those who enjoy it with the purest joy are those who get excited about just opening a prettily wrapped (or even a not-so-prettily-wrapped) package.

Our tradition is a little different than some. After reading the Christmas story and trying to focus those excited minds on the real reason we celebrate, we take turns choosing a package for someone else. Then we enjoy watching them open their gift. Then it is their turn to 'give' to someone else, and the process begins again. This has turned the mad scramble into something we can all enjoy from both sides - giving and receiving!

Of course Christmas (or any other special day we are privileged to share with others) isn't the same without candles and festively dressed tables.

While we didn't go 'all out' to make it fancy - after all, the main 'elves' in this project were 16 and under - a table draped with cloth, laid out with silver and china, and adorned with candles always takes on a festive air.

However, the real joy comes from watching those gathered round dig in with obvious relish and delight!

Even the 'cooks' bellied up for a plate full of prime rib, roasted sweet potatoes, salad, rolls, plus all the trimmings and more! A feast fit for a king - and we felt like it, too!

But Christmas at Elk Lake isn't just about food and gifts. In fact, it isn't just about one day! Due to our unique location (and the fact we live at a resort which means guest rooms in abundance), our Christmas celebrations usually last a few days. Thus there is plenty of time for fun crafts - - - like making a Gingerbread House

Or doing some felt crafts - Christmas and otherwise

Or making Christmas cards - Thank You cards - Get Well Cards - Labels - Tags - And every other stamped card you can imagine!

Of course the cards we made were not the only kind we handled. Many a game of Spades and Squeek ate away the hours as the competitive spirits raged and roared and faded into oblivion. For the less competitive - and for a fun way to socialize with busy hands - the puzzles were a favorite.

In fact, this pastime proved to be so popular, we whipped through not one, not two, not even three but FOUR puzzles! (The one disappeared before I could even capture it on film :-)

While everyone likes gifts and food, not everyone likes puzzles and cards and crafts. Lucky for those, Elk Lake has long been 'connected' to the outside world. Thus it was not uncommon to find one or two or even three huddled around a computer!

Obviously no one was bored. Obviously we all had a wonderful time. And, like so many other normal things we experience in life, I can't imagine a better place to enjoy good food, fun, and fellowship than Elk Lake!

Lady of the Lake

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