Fall At Elk Lake

While the view out my window shows little resemblance to those I will be posting today, there is something extremely special about Elk Lake in the fall. Okay, I'll admit it - as far as I'm concerned, Elk Lake is special ANY TIME of year. However, each season has a magic all its own.

Spring is the season of rebirth. In the spring my hikes (and thus my photos) are predominated by life's return to the valley. Elk. Deer. Babies. Flowers. Green Leaves. Buds. Birds. These bring joy and delight to my life.

Summer is the season of people and play. This time of year my hikes are often shortened to accommodate the needs of our guests. Nonetheless, the hills around Elk Lake hold the treasures I seek, and the lake offers placid morning waters for my kayak alone.

Winter is the season of silence. Elk Lake is never a noisy place - even with a 'crowd'. However winter is a time when silence predominates. I am convinced few have heard real silence. I have! In winter this is an Elk Lake 'speciality'!

Fall, however, is the season of peace. Glorious color surrounds and peace on earth seems to abound. There is something wonderous about fall colors, warm sunny days, and crisp starry nights which seems to invite you in and envelope you in a sense of peace and good will.

Whatever the reason, I have found fall to have a flavor all its own - and it is one I obviously enjoy. However, while it is easy to capture new growth and returning wildlife on film, and it is possible to at least partially replicate a lovely summer morning or the utter stillness of a winter dawn, I find it nearly impossible to capture the 'feeling' of fall. What follows are a few attempts.

Perhaps the lake is the place to start - placid, serene, a mirror reflecting the beauty surrounding it.

Or maybe it is revealed in the clear contentment of an orange butterfly, happily drowning in a field of yellow flowers.

Perhaps it is found in the early morning paddlers - their red canoe quietly slicing through still waters.

Personally, I think the dawn's early light on dark, still lake waters says it best.

Yet the purple mountain majesty reflected in Elk Lake's mirror doesn't do a half bad job either.

Certainly there is something magical about golden light on still water - something 'On Golden Pond' could never came closer to communicating :-)

Of course Elk Lake's fall beauty is not limited to her early mornings - although they may best capture the magic of the season. Still there is something inspiring about the contrasting colors - brilliant against dark - which makes one's inner poet scream for release.

Even the cabins take on a new sparkle and shine wrapped in their colorful fall wardrobe.

But these colors need no backdrop crafted by human hand to inspire!

Each leaf a work of art I struggle to capture.

Until I finally collapse, satiated, on the porch - content to sit and soak and dream.

Ah. . .fall days! Were I not blessed to enjoy the season of silence decending upon my corner of paradise 'a mile from heaven', I might be tempted to pine for more of the magical days of fall. However, there really isn't a bad season at Elk Lake so. . .regardless of the season I am perfectly content to just enjoy another day as the

Lady of the Lake

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