Beautiful Montana Skies

“There Is Nothing Like The Montana Sky”

So said my hubby recently. Oddly enough, he is usually more practical than poetic. So it really is not surprise that while this statement carried poetic undertones, he really just stated the obvious. Yet sometimes the obvious is what is most often overlooked. Thus I had to dedicate a post to the subject.

Because I concur completely, I have been collecting sky photos for quite some time. Typically it takes good clouds to make an interesting sky. The right proportion. The right shape. The right lighting. But not every time!

Sometimes all it takes is a clear, still evening with a full moon.

Yet nothing really compares with a big thunderstorm boiling over the horizon.

Or brilliant thunderheads building just over the hill.

Or the approaching showers and dark clouds accompanied by pockets of light.

There is something magical about vibrant hillside colors enhanced by the passing dark storm clouds.

Or puffy white clouds floating on a deep blue sea.

Or reflected on still water.

Or the combination of light and dark which gives it all an added depth.

Perhaps you are drawn to the mystery in evening clouds sliding down the mountain slope.

Or the drama of brilliant sunlight spotlighting the landscape against a dark sky backdrop.

It certainly is easier to wake to a gloriously brilliant sunrise bursting over the horizon.

But the soft red and gold of a gentle summer morning can evoke such a peaceful feeling at day's dawn.

And I find the combination both invigorating and relaxing.

Even when reflected in an ice-covered early winter lake.

Be it wispy mid-summer clouds sweeping across a deep blue sky,

Or a winter sunset turning the Madisons a rosy hue,

Summer or winter, there really is nothing which compares to our Montana skies!

Like so much I attempt to share, photos really cannot do justice to the majesty and grandeur of the canopy surrounding Elk Lake. Yet, I hope my inadequate medium has brought you some satisfying snatches of our Montana sky!

Lady of the Lake

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