The "OFF" Season

Part of what helps us regain our sanity after a particularly long or trying or busy summer / fall season is our off season. In fact, having owned a hospitality business for several years during an earlier time in life, we knew the value of time off. However, when you are self employed, you pay at least twice for time off. One - you pay someone to take your place. Two - you lose business or you get behind (because you aren't there to do the work). For this and other reasons many self-employed folks often deny themselves badly needed breaks.

So, when we went looking for another business, we kept this factor prominent in our minds. Anyone who has visited Elk Lake, anyone who knows us at all, can testify the truth when I say that is not the primary reason we chose Elk Lake. However, it definitely made the place more attractive.

Anyone who has the ability, the opportunity, and any pride at all has a job. Quite frankly, I have little time for folks who chose to sit around when they can and should be serving in a productive role in society. However, as everyone with a job can testify, no matter how much you love your job, there are times when work is, well, work!

So it is with Elk Lake. While we live in the most wonderful spot anyone could ever ask to live, while we have the privilege of working with, serving and meeting some of the most wonderful people on God's green earth, while we enjoy what we do most of the time, even Elk Lake can sometimes become 'work'. Thus, when those rare days dawn - those days when I'd really rather not go fix another breakfast, prep for another lunch time, do another load of laundry, clean another cabin, greet another guest, serve another dinner - and, in all honesty they come, rarely, but they do come - knowing a time of rest is coming helps me face the harder days.

Unless you've worked in the hospitality business you probably do not know the estimated average time to burnout is five years. Well, I'm glad to say we've soared right on past. And, frankly, I contribute our continued love for Elk Lake to the wonderful guests who have enriched our lives and the forced down times which allow us to really relax, relish and strengthen our family unity, and enjoy the wonderful place we live.

One of the best things about living and working in such a wonderful location is the grandeur, beauty, and recreation which sit right outside our back (or front) door. One of the hardest things about living and working in such a fantastic place is the work which keeps us from enjoying the wonders outside our doors. Thus, it is the down times which allow us to enjoy what our guests experience the rest of the year. And, just to set the record straight, we NEVER begrudge our guests their all-too-short time to indulge in the glories which surround us. Never for a day have we forgotten they are the reason we can live at and enjoy Elk Lake. Never have we lost sight of the privilege we have in facilitating their short stay in our part of God's country. Never have we failed to realize how short their time here as compared to ours.

Yet, when our days come, we treasure and relish them. For, not only are we enriched and delighted to enjoy the special treasures Elk Lake has to offer, we are also refreshed and rejuvenated so we look forward to the guests who will soon arrive.

Thus as we take our break and enjoy Elk Lake a little selfishly - all to ourselves - know as each day passes we are growing more and more excited about sharing our wonderful location with 'you'!

Lady of the Lake

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