The Return of the Four Muskateers

To all my faithful readers: My apologies! I am sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog posting. It wasn't for lack of fodder, believe me. I have been delayed on two fronts: one good, one frustating.

On the good side, business was booming last week. We enjoyed (and worked like crazy to keep up with) what may turn out to have been one of the best weeks we've ever experienced, business-wise, in the winter. We are very thankful, but tired!

On the frustrating side, our internet service has had us pulling our hair, literally. However, I believe the issues are taken care of (at least we hope they are) and we are back on line. It takes 'burps' like this to remind us how much we appreciate and depend on our 'connection to the world'.

So for the latest news - I suspect the photo and the title may have given you a clue. Yep. The wolves came back. In greater numbers!

Monday morning early, just after daylight, Craig looked out toward the lake to see four wolves trotting in our general direction from Elk Mountain's saddle. While Bo headed that direction barking like crazy, Rosie sat in the yard obviously intrigued.

This was just too many, too close. Craig grabbed his gear and headed for the snowmobile. I grabbed my camera and begged a ride. By the time we hit the lake the wolves were rounding the point heading north. We decided to give them a boost, in hopes it would discourage these repeat (and frequent) visits.

While three of the wolves left the lake quickly, heading for the hills to avoid us, one wolf seemed to enjoy loping along just ahead of the snowmobile.

What amazed me most, in retrospect, was the animal's lack of fear. Granted he was running. We were chasing him. However, he glanced at us several times and while his expression was not one of aggression, it was also definitely not one of fear.

Since then I have run across the tracks of four more wolves heading north. They crossed Narrows Creek just above the pond. Otherwise, while moose sightings are down (just one cow with a this year's calf seen all winter!), the wolves seem to have moved back a bit. Hopefully chasing them gave them a little more respect for getting that close to 'civilization'.

Other than that and many guests to fill up our days and even some of our evenings, life continues much the same at Elk Lake. The sun shines brightly. The snow is beautiful (although we are still praying for one more good dump). Life is good, and I am blessed to be the

Lady of the Lake

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