It's Sure Nice To Be Loved!

It really is nice to be loved. I'm not sure there is a greater gift we can receive than the unconditional love of another person. Child to parent. Parent to child. Spouse to spouse. Siblings. Friends. Our lives are enriched by other people's love. However, my use of the statement today is actually intended to be a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

With the continued controversy raging around snowmobile access in Yellowstone National Park, it is more than a bit frustrating to hear absolutely NOTHING about how this affects the businesses surrounding the Park. You'd think it would at least matter!

After all, with all the dire predictions related to economic downturns and recession which populate the news these days, you'd think there would be a least a 'hint' of concern about how these yo-yo decisions are going to effect the local businesses. Besides, we just elected a president who said, loud and clear, he is for the little guy (that means me, right?). So this implies the American public, as a whole, is concerned about the little guy (me). Right??? And, with the bottom expected to drop out of our financial world, they are naturally concerned that as many businesses as possible (especially the Mom and Pop - little guy types) survive. Right????

With all this love, compassion and concern floating around, I really expected to feel more warm fuzzies!

All it really proves is: Talk is cheap. Words are weapons. Rhetoric is a lot of hot air. The reality is - no one who has a voice in this battle over winter access to Yellowstone National Park gives two-cents whether one or a dozen businesses fall under the axe of 'environmental protection' or whatever the politically correct catch phrase is here.

And, should West Yellowstone, Island Park, Cooke City, Gardner, or even Jackson Hole businesses fall under the trampling feet of 'progress' or 'conservation' will the government be there with the needed funds to bail them out? Get real! Those of us in the trenches know better. We are on our own!

Before you think I'm in a major funk, I'm rubbing together my last two dimes, or I'm scared for my future - let me clarify. I'm frustrated by the injustic which surrounds me. I'm tired of all the empty rhetoric. I'm sick of working my butt off so the government can 'spread my wealth' around. And what is happening in Yellowstone National Park is just a micro-chasm of what is happening across our once-great country.

I thank God every day our business is still doing fine. We aren't asking for handouts. Instead we are trying to make wise financial deicisions which, Lord willing, will carry us through this mess that our government, in all its 'corporate' wisdom, has gotten us into.

While the storm rages around, I am thankful daily I can live surrounded by the peace, quiet, and beauty of Elk Lake. Now more than ever I am blessed to be the

Lady of the Lake

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