The Setting Full Moon of Summer

Where on EARTH does the time go? Although I have faithfully managed to regularly post to our blog this summer, I finally succumbed to my crazy schedule. Thus, I apologize to my faithful readers for making you wait.

My flower / plant studies continue. However, the process is getting harder - thus more time consuming. As I narrow down my unidentified plants, I'm finding more and more which I can not identify with the resources on hand. It makes me wonder if I've managed to capture some rare and unique species growing in my back yard. Probably not! It's fun to speculate none-the-less.

Well, the summer season is drawing to a close. Labor Day's snow put an early winter in mind. Fortunately that wasn't exactly what it meant - at least not exactly yet! The last few days have described the phrase, "Indian Summer" to a "T". Warm (upper 60's to low 70's). Sunny. Crisp mornings (mid to low 20's). Elk Bugling. Geese in "V" formation heading south. Leaves turning to gold and ruddy red. Rose hips deepening their colors. Quiet! Fewer folks around.

These terms and more describe my backyard these days. It's a GRAND place to be!

None-the-less, I know the summer moon is setting. The winter snows and biting winds already nip at fall's heals. But - - - a few more lovely days remain to enjoy Montana in all its colorful splendor.

In addition, the wildlife are moving around a bit more. Moose sightings are increasing. I've thrilled to hear bugling elk on some of my wanderings. The waterfowl are starting to congregate. Bears - well, they've made themselves pretty obvious most of the season, and sightings are remaining constant if not increasing. In fact, I heard one interesting story - one of those 'if only I could have seen that' stories.

A regular guest was fishing the shoreline at Hidden Lake when a moderately large black bear came to visit. Keeping his cool, our guest maintained his position and watched. The bear didn't seem interested in him, anyway. Besides, once he reached the water line, he had other things to worry about in the form of five otters.

For reasons which will remain known only to them, these five decided the bear was out of place along the lake that day. Thus a stand-off ensued.

Believe it or not, the otters won. Whether the bear wasn't as thirsty (or hungry) as he'd first thought, whether he was feeling bemused at the otter's attitude, or whether he decided five otters to one bear just weren't good enough odds - you decide. All I know is what our guest said - the bear left! Amazing!

Come on folks, where else can you enjoy that kind of entertainment? All I can say is, I'm glad its in my backyard!

Lady of the Lake

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