Elk Lake Christmas Memories

Some things are worth repeating over and over again. Christmas is definitely one! In our family, Christmas has always been a time of celebration and feasting with family and friends. Early in our married life, we joined together with family - usually at one of the parents' homes.

Once the kids came along (and we got a bigger house), we began hosting Christmas at our house. When we moved across the state, it wasn't as easy or as practical to gather with family. That's when our gathering began to be populated with friends. In fact, before we moved to Elk Lake Resort, it wasn't uncommon for 20 to 25 of us to sit down to Christmas dinner.

Now our only winter access is by snowmobile. This makes it a little harder for friends and family to reach us. However, some die-hard friends are not above bundling up the whole family (this year our youngest had just celebrated his 1st birthday in August) and making the trek.

And, in keeping with our more remote location, we've increased the time spent together. Now, instead of a long day, we spend a week enjoying each other - feasting each night, playing games, frolicking in the snow, snowmobiling, and whatever else sounds like fun at the moment. This is when we get to enjoy Elk Lake to the fullest - the way our guests do it.

Those who do not live in the 'wild west' probably have a hard time imagining living so close to the great outdoors. Instead of delayed flights, traffic jams, and busy shopping malls, we deal with cold (sometimes bitterly) temperatures, extended drives to the 'coveniences' of life, and snow drifts which threaten to swallow our machines. But, I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else.

In fact, as I read the recent Christmas in YNP article in the Billings Gazette, I was reminded how much our lives can still parallel those of our forefathers and mothers. Candlelight services. Wildlife traffic jams. Cold trips. Deep snow. Week-long celebrations. Time to enjoy good friends and good food while we recount our blessings.

That's part of what makes life worth living - and, here at Elk Lake, we enjoy doing just that!

Lady of the Lake

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