The Close of a Season

The time has come - and we are ready. Time to shut the doors for a few weeks and enjoy a respite from the day to day. What most people call 'vacation'. What those of us in the service industry call 'rest'.

Living in such an incredible place, the sad part is only that we must leave (at least briefly) to get a complete break. Otherwise people still stop by - the curious, the friendly, or the lost ones - to visit. This, of course, does not facilitate the complete break our bodies need to rejuvenate nor the mental relaxation our minds need to regroup.

I think season closure is much like sunset. You work hard during the day, but (at least for most of us) the sun's set signals a time for repose, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our bodies demand it. Our minds require it.

If it were not for the blessed time we call 'sleep', our bodies would soon burn out and our minds would whirl out of control. However, after a good night's sleep our bodies awake, eager for the new day, and our minds leap forward into the new challenges the day provides.

Thus we look forward, with eagerness, to our re-opening --- full of vim, vigor, and vitality --- eager for the new days and the new challenges.

Lady of the Lake

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