Life in the 'Real World'

On our off-seasons we visit family. That's just the way it is. Well, more than that, that's what we promised we would do when we up and moved way out to Montana. However, every time we do, I find myself forced to wake, again, from my 'dream'.

It's this way. I chose not to watch much TV. I rarely listen to the radio. In fact, my primary contact with the rest-of-the-world is through our guests. Since most of our guests come to escape the rest-of-the-world, current events are rarely discussed. Of course, all this adds up to my hearing next to nothing about what's going on in the 'real world'.

It doesn't bother me. I figure if something major happens, I'll hear about it from someone. If I don't, well, I don't. When we visit family, however, I get large doses of reality. I see the news (on occasion). I listen to the radio (rarely). Mostly I 'see' changes - changes which have occurred in style, new developments carving away at the open spaces, or little things which I don't pay much attention to on those quick runs for supplies which constitute my 'trips to town' in the busy season.

Take the traffic. One hour of traffic on any major thoroughfare in the city is more than we see all summer at the lodge. I find myself feeling sorry for my fellow travelers. Then I remind myself, most of them would find my home far to far off the beaten path for their enjoyment, let alone their comfort level.

Without fail I'm reminded how blessed we are to live where we do. Without fail I'm anxious to return. Without fail I realize how quickly things change. Mostly, I guess, I'm thankful our children are growing up close to nature and far from the city.

None-the-less, Elk Lake never looks better than it does when we return from a few days (or a few weeks) spent in the 'real world'.

Lady of the Lake

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