Wildlife Sightings Continue at Our Western Montana Lodge

Guests continue to enjoy numerous wildlife viewings. We even get a chance to join the fun. A group of six who came for lunch today saw a dozen moose, a golden eagle, a Trumpeter Swan, and a dozen Sharp-Tail Grouse between Island Park, Idaho and our Resort.

Last weekend we enjoyed seeing ten Trumpeter Swans, a Bald Eagle and eight moose - one bull with an impressive pair of paddles (antlers) still attached. And, of course, the moose continue to hang around the lodge. This year the bull has allowed a cow and calf to join him in the area. With three moose hanging around the yard, regular sightings are to be expected.

Even the fox is sighted occasionally. I suspect the low snow fall makes it easier for the smaller animals to get around. Regardless of the reason, even after seeing hundreds of moose, dozens of Eagles, and numerous Trumpeter Swans in the course of a year, my heart always leaps a little with each sighting.

Sometimes I wonder why. At least when it comes to the moose. After all, they are a terribly homely animal - something like a mule who stuck his nose into a beehive - and ornery too. But, even with all their 'unlikely' traits, I get a thrill every time I see them.

Lady of the Lake

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